About the EBC


To establish the European Bifurcation Club as a referred thinking tank in the treatment of coronary bifurcation lesions.

To interact with the medical industry in the development of new concepts, new processes and devices and confer scientific credibility upon new clinical and technological projects


To establish and publish updated consensus and non-consensus on coronary bifurcation comprehension, definitions and treatments.

To organise future meetings and workshops in Europe in order to improve knowledge and technical skills in this field.



According to latest EBC consensus documents, it is recommended to perform bifurcation PCI with provisional side branch stenting for the great majority of coronary bifurcation lesions. 


We recommend a meticulous procedural planning and execution of technical steps that ultimately aim at reconstructing the underlying bifurcation anatomy.


Although different techniques have been developed over the years to facilitate optimal main vessel stenting while maintaining the side branch patency, the key practical question is when to apply which technique and how. 
Recent reports suggested that intra-coronary imaging might be used to guide some of the crucial technical steps, to ultimately achieve optimal results.


We think that the club’s activity has motivated the realisation of studies of a new generation, not limited to the comparison of simple techniques or complex in more or less defined groups but stricter which enable new ideas to develop and which will be the base of the EBC. 


We will have an update on the latest technical improvements that seem to contribute agreeable results with various strategies. 


We will also review comparisons of techniques well described in similar populations now increasingly reported or published.