The EBC 2023 meeting, is taking place on Friday 13th & Saturday 14th October 2023 in Warsaw, Poland. 

This year, the EBC programme will host a series of sessions based on bifurcation PCI clinical case presentations with specific topics. In particular, we will have:
PCI on bifurcations showing original technical solutions (device/techniques able to solve or to prevent a specific procedural problem.
Complications occurring during bifurcation PCI – (WOMEN AS ONE) (with clear documentation and at least one teaching point).
Best images captured during bifurcation PCI practice: competition with a dedicated award among cases where captured images (CT/angio/IVUS/OCT) really changed the case interpretation or outcome understanding.
If you have a case falling within these topics and wish to enter EBC faculty list please submit it (using the dedicated 10-slide ppt template CASE PRESENTATION TEMPLATE) and upload it to the relevant session link above or by clinking on the relevant button below. 

Submissions received up to August 1st will be scored blind by different EBC board members in order to build the sessions.
We look forward to receiving the cases from you soon. 

Warmest regards,

The EBC Committee:
R. Albiero, A. Banning, F. Burzotta, Y. Chatzizisis, A. Chieffo, O. Darremont, M. Ferenc, D. Hildick-Smith, T. Johnson, J. Lassen, Y. Louvard, M. Pan & G. Stankovic