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Insight from North America

Insight from North America

European Bifurcation Club 2005, EBC 2005 – Bordeaux, France

Insight from North America

Author: Stéphane Carlier, MD, PhD, Columbia University Medical Center, USA



  • Bifurcation lesions treated with the crush technique presented the smallest minimum CSA at the SB ostium in the majority of cases
  • 1 (2.5 %) patient had SAT
  • TLR at 6 months is associated with SB ostium restenosis
  • Considering only non-LM lesions, restenosis occur in 20% of cases



  • Pendulum swung back and now crush stenting is rarely performed
  • Major concern: Late Thrombosis 2 S > 1S
  • Preferred strategy: provisional SB stenting


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