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Lessons from IVUS in bifurcation lesions


European Bifurcation Club 2005, EBC 2005 – Bordeaux, France

Lessons from IVUS in bifurcation lesions

Author: Gerard Finet, MD, PhD, Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France



Coronary bifurcation geometrical pattern isinvariable whatever the observation scale and precisely described by a fractal ratio, this ratio canbe very useful in our daily practice of angiography

Coronary angiography is fundamentally insufficient for complete detection and description of all of the aspects of bifurcation lesions

IVUS compensates the deficiencies of angiography, providing a useful complement

IVUS exploration of the main vessel only appearssufficient because proximal analysis of the sidebranch is accurate

Proximal stent malapposition is induced by the stepwise geometrical mother-daughter vessel discrepancy and requires systematic final kissing balloon


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