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Bifurcation coronary disease.


European Bifurcation Club 2005, EBC 2005 – Bordeaux, France

Bifurcation coronary disease. Trials that we need

Author: Martyn Thomas, MD, Kings College Hospital, London



What do we need to study?

These trials are difficult (hence there are not very many of them!!).

  1. SAST, technique and pharmacology. Registry data (Olympia etc).
  2. New Devices. Registry Data (AXXESS plus)
  3. Flow or physiologically guided side branchintervention. Randomised trials some of which aready underway.

Potential Steps

  1. Consensus on definitions.
  2. Consensus on optimal pharmacology
  3. Imaging registries for mechanistic insights.
  4. Nordic/BBC ONE establish ”gold standard” with DES, ”very simple” or ”complex.” (Non LM). Do we need to treat the side branch?
  5. SYNTAX establish gold standard results for DES in left main.
  6. Subsequent Dedicated DES bifurcation stentdata could be in registry format and comparedto the above ”gold standard”


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