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Consensus or not

Consensus or not

European Bifurcation Club 2008 – EBC 2008 – Prague, Czech Republic

LM stenting or surgery ?

Consensus or not

Author: Goran Stankovic, MD, Belgrade, Serbia



  • In provisional SB stenting cross through the distal strut (“Carina cell”)
  • In crush stenting proximal wire cross creates better SB scaffolding than distal crossing
  • “Carina shift” not “plaque shift”
  • No need for routine SB predilatation unless lesion in the SB long and/or severely calcified
  • Final kissing balloon inflation necessary in complex stenting and may also improve angiographic and clinical outcome in provisional stenting;

    we need data from randomized trial (Nordic-KISS)



NO Consensus

At the moment two registries:

  2. Ostium Stenting / Dogbone Technique


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