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Factors for Side Branch Occlusion


European Bifurcation Club 2008 – EBC 2008 – Prague, Czech Republic

A family techniques

Factors for Side Branch Occlusion

Author: Robert J. Gil, MD, Central Hospital of the Internal Affairs and Administration Ministry, Warsaw, Poland



  • Carina displacement is probably the main mechanism for SB compromise/closure and this may be predicted(!!!)
  • Negative deviation from expected SB ostial stenosis aswell as SB MLD are associated with SB closure
  • Several predictors of negative difference (SB MLD, plaque length ratio MV/MB and MB/SB diameterratio) were identified together with the importance of MV – SB distal angle α value
  • The link between carina displacement and SB closure isangle alpha, with cut-off value for high closure riskbelow 40 degrees


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