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Why I like the DEVAX AXXESS stent …


European Bifurcation Club 2009 – EBC 2009 – Berlin, Germany

Why I like this dedicated stent, device, software…

Why I like the DEVAX AXXESS stent …

Author: Christophe Dubois, MD, University Hospital Leuven, Belgium



  • Nitinol material conforms to the anatomy of the vessel/lesion
  • BA9 drug reduces restenosis in side branch
  • Allows optimal size selection and placement of additional stents
  • Easy delivery with fully compatible Rx catheter system


  • Flexible sizing
  • Ease of use / predictable acute outcome 95% – 97% – 99%
  • Conformance to vessel contour without disruption of the stent or coating
  • Preservation of the side branch
  • Single metal layer
  • Better long term outcomes /Enhanced safety
  • Cost/Benefit balance


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