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EXCEL Clinical Trial


European Bifurcation Club 2010, EBC 2010 – Budapest, Hungary

LM upcoming studies: place of techniques?

EXCEL Clinical Trial

Author: Patrick W. Serruys, MD, ErasmusMC, The Netherlands



  • Clinical:
    • Prior PCI or CABG to treat LM stenosis.
    • PCI in other coronary segments < 1 year.
    • Need for concomitant non-coronary cardiac surgery
    • CKmb level higher than the upper level of normality at the time of the procedure.
    • Inability to comply dual antiplatelet therapy.
    • Non-cardiac comorbidities with life expentancy < 3 years.
  • Angiographic:
    • LM stenosis < 50%
    • Syntax score > 33.
    • Left main reference vessel diameter < 2.25mm or > 4.5 mm.


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