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European Bifurcation Club 2010, EBC 2010 – Budapest, Hungary

Left Main session: focusing on techniques and late outcome


Author: Olivier Darremont, MD, Clinique St. Augustin Bordeaux, France



  • 4 French centers
  • Prospective observational study, December 07 to May09
  • Efficacy and safety of Xience V everolimus-elutingstent for unprotected de novo LM stenosis
  • Primary end point : MACCE at 1 year
  • e-CRF
  • Angiographic analysis and adjudication of events by independent committee
  • Clinical follow-up at 1 month, 1, 2 & 3 years


  • Dual antiplatelet therapy > 12h beforePCI, and for at least 6 months
  • MB stenting with provisional side branch stenting strategy
  • Final kissing balloon
  • Ostial coverage in all cases


  • Unprotected left main PCI using everolimus eluting stent provided excellent immediat results and very good in-hospital outcomes, even with a very simple treatment strategy in distal location (only 19% of 2 stents implantation).
  • At one year follow up, results are promising
    • Total death 2.9%, cardiac death 1.1 %
    • TLR 2.3 %
    • No late stent thrombosis!
  • There is an increase of MACCE in patients with high Syntax Score (≥ 33)
  • Diabetes is the strongest predictor of MACCE
  • Longer follow-up is needed to confirmthese results

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