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Bioss: clinical cases


European Bifurcation Club 2012 – EBC 2012 – Castelldefels, Spain


Bioss: clinical cases

Author: Luis A. Íñigo García MD Hospital Costa del Sol Marbella, Spain



Bioss stent was designed for treatment of coronary bifurcation with the objectives of preserving the side branch and provide access to it if necessary after stent implantation.

  • Different techniques and dedicated stents (DS) have been developed in order to achieve the proper treatment for coronary bifurcation lesions.
  • We present our series with Bioss with drug eluting (paclitaxel or sirolimus) and a design in two segments of different diameters connected by two “bridges” 1.5 mm long, leaving a proximal space to the segment with smaller diameter (which is the distal) in order to preserve the side branch and make provisional stent.
  • It is mounted on a balloon, with 3 radiopaque marks, which also has two different diameters in accordance with the described stent.
  • In the period from May 2011 until September 2012 we included all patients who consecutively presented a coronary lesion treated with Bioss. The average follow-up was 3.3 months.
  • Results: 27 patients were included during the study period (7 women and 20 men) with an average age of 68.53 years (46- 83). The indication was 62,9% unstable angina, 22,2% stable angina, 7,4% in the context of STEMI and 7.4% left ventricular disfunction.
  • The treated lesions were 51.8% Anterior descending- diagonal, 40.7% Left main and 7,4% Circunflex-marginal.


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