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BiOSS Lim First-in-Men registry


European Bifurcation Club 2012 – EBC 2012 – Castelldefels, Spain


BiOSS Lim First-in-Men registry

Author: Dobrin Vassilev MD, PhD, National Heart Hospital Sofia, Bulgaria, Medica Core Heart Hospital, Ruse, Bulgaria


BIOSS 2012 Program

  • First randomised study with dedicated bifurcation stent (POLBOS) is at the final!
  • Second randomised study with sirolymus eluting version is ongoing ( number: NCT01430364).
  • Two registries (Expert and LIM) ongoing.
  • Separate LM registry ongoing!


  • The results from BIOSS LIM FIM are extremely promising for treatment of complex (distal LM, pts with 3VD) bifurcation coronary artery disease!
  • Angiographic follow-up will be available very soon!
  • Presenter personal opinion: We are really very close to really perfect device for simple treatment of coronary bifurcation stenoses!!!


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