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Fully automatic 3D OCT during bifurcation PCI


European Bifurcation Club 2012 – EBC 2012 – Castelldefels, Spain

Parallel Session 2 – OCT imaging session

Fully automatic 3D OCT during bifurcation PCI

Author: G J Ughi, Cardiovascular Diseases University Hospitals Leuven & Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium



  • Potential of 3D IV-OCT in bifurcation PCI
    • assessment of jailed side branches
    • rewiring of a side-branch ostium
  • 3D IV-OCT pitfall
    • each stent strut needs to be manually identified and segmented
    • time-consuming and labor intensive procedure: >3h per pullback
  • Clinical needs:
    • recent studies1,2 stated that: “the potential of 3D OCT is real as a complimentary tool to 2D IV-OCT, if available as ‘push-on-a-button’ at the time of the data acquisition1”
  • Aim
    • develop a method for a rapid and fully-automatic 3D visualization of IV-OCT pullbacks


  • On-line use of 3D IV- OCT is feasible through the ‘push on a button’
  • We developed a method for a fully-automatic and rapid visualization of 3D IV- OCT data
  • Computational time ~1 min
  • Proposed method is suitable for on-line use potentially allowing optimization of (bifurcation) PCI procedures


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