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We learn a lot from OCT


European Bifurcation Club 2012 – EBC 2012 – Castelldefels, Spain

CD session

We learn a lot from OCT

Author: Yoshinobu Murasato, New Yukuhashi Hospital, Japan



  • 64 y.o. male
  • The patient was admitted due to critical ischemia in left lower extremity and underwent amputation due to irreversible necrosis. Since the patient had restricted his activity due to the PAD, he had never experienced chest pain. A coronary angiography was performed for further examination of the calcification in LAD demonstrated in the chest CT.
  • Risk factors: DM, HT, dyslipidemia, smoking


  • GW recrossing through the proximal site of the jailed strut into the SB resulted in reflecting the jailed strut to the distal site after KBT.
  • It was difficult to detect the accurate condition of stent deformation using conventional OCT observation during procedure.
  • 3-dimentional reconstruction clearly visualized how the stent struts deformed in this complex procedure.


  • 3-dimentional reconstruction of OCT images is useful for bifurcation intervention.
  • On-line analysis system will be more convenient for precise and dedicated complex procedure.


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