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Lessons about Left Main stenting from MITO registry


European Bifurcation Club 2014 – EBC 2014 – Bordeaux, France

We can stent the Left Main trunk, but what is the best technique?

Author: Kensuke Takagi, Department of Cardiology: New Tokyo Hospital



Recently, many of large scale clinical comparison studies report that unless lesion is anatomically complex (SYNTAX Score is lower than 33), PCI for LMT disease is equivalent in long-term mortality and MACE to CABG.

However, among LMT PCI procedure, some specific cases are still challenged with restenosis and MACE.
Seeking for solu.on of these unsolved challenges, we decided to conduct data review of our own cases. Under the guidance of Dr. Antonio Colombo, Dr. Alaide Chieffo and, Dr.Sunao Nakamura, compiled data of our hospital and that of Milan as MITO Registry, which is shown here.


  • When necessary, a 2-SS can be justified, and may be preferable despite high occurrence of LCx-ISR.
  • In non-true LM bifurcation, KBI might reduce the occurrence of TLR-SB.
  • However, in true LM bifurcation the impact of KBI is still unknown. Further dedicated studies are needed.


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