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3 times kissing balloon technique


European Bifurcation Club 2017 – EBC 2017 – Porto, Portugal

Bench simulation session

3 times kissing balloon technique

Author: Kiyotaka Iwasaki, Ph.D, Cooperative Major in Advanced Biomedical Sciences, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences, TWIns



(1) To investigate influences of stent-size selection based on the proximal RVD on the reduction of incomplete stent apposition and flow around the stent struts in Culottes stenting.

(2) To compare influences of Culottes and DK-Crush stenting on flow dynamics at the bifurcation


(1) Stent-size selection based on the proximal RVDwould be beneficial in reducing incomplete stent apposition in culottes stenting at LM bifurcation.

(2) Our data suggests that culottes stenting using the Synergy stents in accordance with the proximal size will contribute to the excellent stent apposition and minimal flow disturbance.

(3) The malapposed stent struts caused by DK Crush stenting induced the larger stagnant flow regions at the LM lateral wall and the carina.

(4) Three-times kissing balloon technique is easy and would be promising for better treatment of LM bifurcation.


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