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P2Bi To Registry update and future


European Bifurcation Club 2017 – EBC 2017 – Porto, Portugal


P2Bi To Registry update and future

Author: Marco Zimarino, MD, PhD, UOC Emodinamica diagnostica e interventistica – ASL Abruzzo 2 Istituto di Cardiologia, Università G. d’Annunzio – Chieti Pescara



  • PCI access site, as well as the choice of DES or BVS and the treatment strategy were left to the individual operator’s discretion.
  • Stent Strategy:
    • Single-stenting: MB or SB
    • Double-stenting: both MB and SB.
    • Bail-out stenting: any stent deployed beyond the planned strategy, with either one or double stenting.
  • True bifurcation = Medina 1.1.1/1.0.1/0.1.1
  • After PCI, aspirin was continued indefinitely, and the duration of P2Y12 inhibitors was recommended at physician’s judgement.


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