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Bench evaluation of the Fantom scaffold (REVA) in bifurcations


European Bifurcation Club 2019, EBC 2019 – Barcelona, Spain


Usability of Fantom Bioresorbable Scaffold in Non Complex Bifurcations: Technical Analysis in Bench Models

Author: Gabor G. Toth, MD, PhD, University Heart Centre Graz, Austria


To evaluate, whether POT-SB-POT technique can be considered as a reasonable bail-out option for Fantom® bioresorbable scaffold, to tackle a simple bifurcation lesion


  • Fantom® polycarbonate copolymer coronary scaffold is considered to have improved structural characteristics
  • Still, marked structural destruction of the scaffold has been observed in bench models when doing POT-SB-POT approach
  • Considering that POT-SB-POT might be ‘the most gentle’ bifurcation technique from device point of view
  • Therefore the use of Fantom® in any bifurcation anatomy should be strongly discouraged.

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