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Nano Crush in Left Main

Nano Crush in Left Main

European Bifurcation Club 2019, EBC 2019 – Barcelona, Spain


Nano Crush in Left Main

Author: Gianluca Rigatelli, MD, PhD, Rovigo General Hospital, Italy



2014 : conceiving the technique and first application of the technique in LM and non-LM patients

2015 : application in shock patients

2017 : publication first preliminary series in Cardiovasc Revasc Med

2018 : publication of bench and computational fluid dynamic study in Cathet Cardiovasc Interv

2019 : Nano-Crush in Left main and cardiogenic shock in Cardiovasc Revasc Med

2019 : comparison between Nano-Crush and Culotte in Left main in Int J Cardiovasc Imag


  • Nano-crush stenting in Left Main showed improved long- term outcomes with low TVF, low mortality and 0% thrombosis compared to other double stent techniques
  • Nano-crush stenting in Left Main provided easy and fast revascularization, low X-ray exposure and low contrast dose
  • Nano-crush stenting can be an alternative to DK-crush in complex Left Main bifurcation disease


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