Nordic BBC meta analysis 1 vs 2 stents

European Bifurcation Club 2010, EBC 2010 - Budapest, Hungary Hot topics Simple or complex stenting for bifurcation coronary lesions: a patient-level pooled-analysis of the Nordic Bifurcation Study (NORDIC I) and the British Bifurcation Coronary Study (BBC ONE) Author: Miles Behan, MD, Edinburgh Heart Centre, UK

Insights from BBC ONE

European Bifurcation Club 2008 - EBC 2008 - Prague, Czech Republic "Old fashion registries" and "New studies" BBC ONE - insights The British Bifurcation Coronary study: Old, New and Evolving strategies. a randomized comparison of simple versus complex drug-eluting stenting for bifurcation lesions Author: David Hildick-Smith, MD, Sussex Cardiac Center, UK