Ideal LM

European Bifurcation Club 2019, EBC 2019 - Barcelona, Spain LM SESSION Ideal LM Author: Rober Jan Van Geuns, MD, PhD, Radboudumc, The Netherlands CONCLUSIONS After 2 years, in patients undergoing LM-PCI, a Bioabsorbable Polymer Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium stent (Synergy) followed by 4 months DAPT was non-inferior to a Permanent Polymer Everolimus- Eluting Cobalt Chromium stent (Xience) followed by 12 months DAPT with respect to the composite end point of death from any cause or MI or ischemia-driven target vessel revascularization. No difference in ischemic events up to 24 months • No difference in definite/probable stent thrombosis • No stent thrombosis in either group from 4 to 12 months (Synergy off DAPT) Excess BARC 3 or 5 bleeding in short DAPT group but...                                                                                    •4/11 were on OAC/NOAC (2 on triple Rx) and 7/11 were off DAPT                                                                              • Trial not powered for bleeding events

IDEAL-LM Cases with important learning points

European Bifurcation Club 2016 - EBC 2016 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands LM PCI optimization: The Pearls from NOBLE, EXCEL, IDEAL-LM & EBC MAIN IDEAL-LM Cases with important learning points Author: Robert-Jan van Geuns, MD, PhD