The 16th expert consensus document of the European Bifurcation Club.


Treatment of coronary bifurcation lesions, part I: implanting the first stent in the provisional pathway.



Stepwise layered provisional stenting (PS) is the most commonly used strategy to treat coronary bifurca- tion lesions (CBL). The term “stepwise layered” emphasises the versatility of this approach that allows the adjustment of the procedure plan according to the CBL complexity, starting with stent implantation in one branch and implantation of a second stent in the other branch only when required. A series of refinements have been implemented over the years to facilitate the achievement of predictable procedural results using this approach. However, despite its simplicity and versatility, operators using this technique require full knowledge of the pitfalls of each procedural step. Part I of this 16th European Bifurcation Club consensus paper provides a detailed step-by-step overview of the pitfalls and technical troubleshooting during the implantation of the first stent using the PS strategy for the treatment of CBL.