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Why I don’t kiss ?

Why I don’t kiss ?

European Bifurcation Club 2010, EBC 2010 – Budapest, Hungary

Kissing in simple strategy?

Why I don’t kiss ?

AuthorHyeon-Cheol Gwon, MD, Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, Korea



  • I prefer to discuss SB ballooning rather than kissing ballooning.
  • Side branch ballooning is not always followed by kissing ballooning.

SUMMARY – Why I try to avoid SB ballooning

  • SB ballooning may deform the stent struts, which is not always corrected by kissing ballooning.
  • SB narrowing after MV stenting is frequently insignificant, either physiologically and clinically.
  • SB patency is well maintained at long-term follow-up
  • Finally, clinical studies showed no benefit of SB ballooning with or without kissing ballooning.


  • Side branch is not so important than we thought. The threshold for significant SB should be higher.
  • The treatment should be focused on MV, trying to avoid SB ballooning, as far as SB is not occluded.


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